Lesser Known Issues 101

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been taking a positive outlook with the blog lately, but unfortunately we all have to come back down to earth sometime. That being said, I really wanted to return to my Environmentalism 101 Series, but instead of exploring the “popular” environmentalism crises we all know about, we’ll be looking atContinue reading “Lesser Known Issues 101”

Sustainability 101

Hello everyone! This is the second installment in the “Environmental Issues 101” series, where each week, we’ll be looking at the need-to-know facts about one significant environmental issue our planet faces. Today, we’ll be looking at the issue of sustainability, or rather, the lack thereof. What is the issue? To understand the issue with theContinue reading “Sustainability 101”

Global Warming 101

Hello everyone! I thought it would be nice to go back to the basics, so with this post, I will be starting the series “Environmental Issues 101”. Each post will highlight the need-to-know facts about one significant environmental issue our planet faces today. We’re starting off with global warming, arguably the most wide-known of theContinue reading “Global Warming 101”

The Transportation Sector

Hello everyone! Today, we’ll be looking at is none other than the infamous transportation sector, which, if you haven’t already heard me say a hundred times, is the largest contributor to global warming in the US. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the transportation sector was responsible for 29% of US globalContinue reading “The Transportation Sector”

The 2 Types of Energy Sources

Have you heard of renewable energy sources before? What about nonrenewable energy sources? Even if neither term rings a bell, it’s very likely that you’ve used one before. This week, we’ll be taking a look at what renewable and nonrenewable energy sources are, how the two are different, and why these matter. What is aContinue reading “The 2 Types of Energy Sources”