Good News Pt. 3!

Hello everyone! I know it hasn’t been that long since my last good news post, but I just couldn’t help making another one considering all of the amazing stuff that has happened so recently! Keep reading to see what positive news has been circulating in the environmentalism world these past few weeks. The United StatesContinue reading “Good News Pt. 3!”

Digital Carbon Footprints

Hello everyone! If you’ve stuck with my blog for a while, you’ll remember my post about carbon footprints, but did you know that digital carbon footprints exist? That’s right, today, we’ll be looking at what a digital carbon footprint is, why it matters, how you can calculate yours, and what you can do to reduceContinue reading “Digital Carbon Footprints”

First Birthday!

Hello everyone! Unfortunately, I don’t have a post for you today (stay tuned for this Sunday!), but as you can probably guess from the title, I just wanted to tell you all that today is From One Human to Another’s 1st Birthday! If you’ve been around since the start (thank you – but if you’reContinue reading “First Birthday!”

Waste 101

Hello everyone! As promised, we’re finally back with the Environmentalism 101 series, and this week’s installment looks at a rather prominent issue, which is that of excessive waste. Keep reading for several ways on how to reduce your waste output! What is the issue? Today’s world runs on the production of goods. However, not everythingContinue reading “Waste 101”


Hello everyone! I’m sure you’re all thinking, what’s Somya doing posting on a Thursday? Not to fear, for I have the answers to all of your questions. I am very excited to announce that I am in the process of creating an Instagram account for “From One Human to Another”! (By “process”, I mean IContinue reading “Instagram!!”

More Good News!

Hello everyone! I don’t know how you felt after reading my last positive news post, but I surely felt very empowered researching and writing about the amazing contributions being made to bettering our environment, so I figured, why not make another one? I’m so glad I did because just in about 4 months, so manyContinue reading “More Good News!”


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