Content Creators Pt. 3

Hello everyone! This week, I’m back with another installment in the “Content Creators” series. Since writing the last one in June, I’ve come across even more awesome creators that deserve a shoutout. So without further ado, here are 5 more great content creators to follow!

  1. @sustainablychic 

“Trendy” and “sustainable” are two words you won’t often find used in the same sentence when discussing your closet, but Natalie Kay Costello aims to change that. A champion of the “capsule wardrobe”, Costello’s website is absolutely dedicated to covering every aspect of the fashion world and making it eco-friendly. She even goes beyond what’s in your closet, discussing the best ways to keep your clothes fresh, give the best gifts, and dress for formal events and traveling. Her readers are experts on the ins and outs of the fashion industry after reading her posts on different fabrics and product certifications. Best of all, the website features the ultimate brand directory for consumers to choose the most sustainable brands to shop from.

  1. @browngirl_green 

If you’ve ever wanted to keep up with someone committed to highlighting diversity, inclusion, and racial justice in environmentalism, look no further than Kristy Drutman! She provides her followers with easy-to-read, digestible stories about the leading figures in the environmentalism movement, especially those that also belong to the BIPOC community. But of course, her page is also full of amazing tips and tricks for living an eco-friendly lifestyle and quick debriefs on today’s most pressing issues. What’s more, she also has a podcast about her work, and especially the healing aspect of interacting with the environment, that’s a great listen for those slow days or drives!

  1. @flunkingmonkey

Neel, the man behind Flunking Monkey, has devoted his life towards helping others enjoy all the various travel destinations the planet has to offer while also respecting and caring for them. Through his website and beautiful photos, he educates his followers about incorporating sustainability into tourism, being aware of the delicate ecosystems native to tourist destinations, and keeps them updated on his global conservation projects happening all over! The website also allows visitors to help fund said projects with small donations. Be sure to keep up with this traveler’s log to learn about ways through which you can help care for the earth on your next vacation.

  1. @sustainably_vegan

Along with fashion, food is one of the aspects of our daily living that is the most heavily linked with the environment. Eating sustainably can be really hard for many, especially coming off of a drastically different diet, but don’t fear, for Immy Lucas is here to help. As she says herself, her mission is to “inspire you to get outside and cook from scratch.” And that’s exactly what she does with her Youtube channel, which features easy weekly meal preps according to the season, budget friendly meals, ways to incorporate healthy cooking into gift giving, and realistic looks into what she herself eats on a week to week basis. What I found unique about Lucas is that she’s not one to shy away from the “faults” in her lifestyle – she owns up to her not-so-sustainable practices, and encourages her following to realize that the path to a sustainable life will be one with bumps.

  1. @zerowastehome

Last, but certainly not least, we can’t forget about Bea Johnson and her brand, Zero Waste Home. Bea is no stranger to this blog – I’ve talked about her book and free guides on her website – so it’s about time I give her a spot in this series too! If you’re unfamiliar with these previous blog posts, Bea Johnson is, in my opinion, the queen of sustainable home living. From simple DIYs to hacks for being a better shopper for your home, there’s no part of home living she hasn’t covered. Follow along as she gives you an insight into how she and her family have been living in a 188 sq. ft apartment since 2008! 

Well, that’s all for today! Hopefully you head to Instagram after reading this post and give these wonderful creators a follow – I promise, your feed will be much more interesting. If you’ve found this post helpful, make sure to share it with a friend to spread the awareness! Until next time!

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