5 More Content Creators to Follow

Hello everyone! Today, I’m back with another list of great content creators you should follow if you’re at all interested in environmentalism. After curating the first list, I came across so many more awesome creators that deserved their place on the list, so I decided, why not make another one? Keep reading for more!

1. Environment (by Impact)

Instagram – @environment 

Website – https://impact.site/#environmentresources

It seems like Impact read my last list, because they decided to make a new account solely for the environment! Featuring their wonderful graphics and easily-digestible content, Environment is like its parent account, but better. If you weren’t too fond of the other topics Impact covered, be sure to give this environment-dedicated account a follow!

2. Future Earth

Instagram – @futureearth

I recently stumbled upon Future Earth and was blown away by their posts. Each one features a different topic and design, but when all put together, they really create such a wonderful layout. Like all of the other accounts on this list, Future Earth is dedicated to environmentalism, but my favorite posts from them are a series called “Good News Tuesday(s)”. The name is pretty self-explanatory, but every Tuesday, 9 pieces of great environmental news from all around the world (primarily focusing on the US though) are shared. I really look forward to Tuesdays nowadays!

3. EcoResolution

Instagram – @ecoresolution

Website – https://www.ecoresolution.earth/

While very similar to the other accounts featured, what sets Eco Resolution apart from the rest is that they take environmentalism a step further. Their beautifully-designed website is home to a plethora of resources the average person can use to take environmental action, which is great because after all, there’s no point in just reading about the issues that plague our planet. They also make it a point to focus on what it takes from an individualistic standpoint to make this movement successful.

4. Climate Power

Instagram – @climatepower

Website – https://climatepower.us/

As the name suggests, Climate Power focuses on the momentous issue of climate change, better referred to as global warming. What I particularly like about this creator is that they are able to tie in humor with extremely serious issues, creating a perfect balance so you don’t feel overwhelmed but at the same time are aware of the dangers of global warming. Plus, they tie in other non-environmentalist groups and issues into their work. For example, they featured climate artwork by AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) artists in honor of AAPI Heritage Month in May, which just passed. That way, everyone feels represented!

5. Future Coalition

Instagram – @futurecoalition

Last, but certainly not least, we have Future Coalition. This community skips the whole informing process and goes straight to the action so that our youth can have a stable future (kind of fitting that I put them last then!). Their page is dedicated to providing their following with opportunities to act on the issues that we know so well about. I appreciate their no-nonsense policy, it is really refreshing to see such a tight-knit community so committed to action.

Well, that’s all for today, folks! I hope these brief descriptions persuaded you to follow along with at least one of these creators’ journeys. See you next time!

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