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Earth, Energy, and the Environment

“The mind has exactly the same power as the hands: not merely to grasp the world, but to change it.”

– Colin Wilson

Hello, and welcome to my blog, “From One Human To Another”!

The past couple of decades have been like no other since human colonization first began, with global temperatures and carbon emissions (among others) being at their highest yet. Our planet is slowly dying, and we are mainly to blame. Clearly, human action must be taken, and that starts with educating ourselves about the situation and what we can do to help, be it small or big.

With this blog, I hope to raise awareness about the scope of the numerous environmental crises that plague our planet. A new blog post will be posted every other week. Have a look at the existing posts below, and thank you for visiting!

Latest from the Blog

Free Environmental Resources

Hello everyone! If you’ve followed along for a while now, you know I love to provide my readers with simple and easy ways to live a more eco-friendly life. However, I tend to scatter these across my posts, and those who are looking for a more concise and in-depth presentation of this information may beContinue reading “Free Environmental Resources”

Eco-Friendly Businesses Pt. 2

Hello everyone! Since the release of my post about eco-friendly companies and shops you should support, I’ve come across several other brands that are worth your business and would love to share them with you. So today, we’ll be looking at 5 more eco-friendly brands you should support, keep reading to see what they are!Continue reading “Eco-Friendly Businesses Pt. 2”

Good News Pt. 3!

Hello everyone! I know it hasn’t been that long since my last good news post, but I just couldn’t help making another one considering all of the amazing stuff that has happened so recently! Keep reading to see what positive news has been circulating in the environmentalism world these past few weeks. The United StatesContinue reading “Good News Pt. 3!”

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